DigiSoft is a leading developer of digital imaging, conversion and educational software solutions for both Windows and Windows CE based personal computers.

DigiSoft's early days began with the development of imaging applications for the Pocket PC with the goal of anytime, anywhere image-viewing functionality.

Medical professionals, who have always wanted point of care access to medical image data, immediately embraced this concept.

Likewise, the mobile physician desired the ability to view images at remote locations — places other than the hospital or office — in order to better and more swiftly care for his or her patients. DigiSoft responded to this challenge by developing reViewMD PDA, its Pocket PC, H/PC 2000 and Palm based DICOM medical image viewer.

Although PDAs were a potential solution for the mobile physician, a desktop companion to edit, resize and convert image file formats was needed to make them a portable size. reViewMD Desktop (formerly ImagePro MD) was created to address the handheld device's limited resources.

All of DigiSoft's products were developed to work seamlessly together in a suite of applications, designed to blend the high performance of the desktop computer with the portability of a PDA.

With each new round of product launches, DigiSoft broadened its already varied array of software for desktops, laptops, Pocket PC's and Palm PDAs.

DigiSoft's products bridge the gap between professional quality software with consumer-friendly pricing.

At the start of 2004, DigiSoft launched their Ultimate Learning line of software for the educational market. Continuing into the future, expect DigiSoft to keep improving its existing products while again creating new and innovative software for the consumer, medical and educational markets.

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PictPocket Cinema Update

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DigiSoft Partners With URThere

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PictPocket Nominated for Software of the Year

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PictPocket for Palm Released

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QuickChange File Conversion Software

2001 5/02:
PictPocket Software Meets With Approval

2001 4/10:
DigiSoft Forms Alliance With WISP

2001 3/16:
DigiSoft Forms Alliance With Mail.com

2001 3/15:
reViewMD - Medical Imaging on Your Handheld

2001 3/01:
DigiSoft - Desktop and Handheld Applications

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