"Sound Readers" is the same program as "Sound Reading." While the product is exactly the same, the program name has been updated on all of our materials and will be referred to as Sound Readers for future use.

Sound Readers teaches children to read using music and familiar stories.

Ultimate Learning Sound Readers utilizes breakthrough VoiceLink technology to help children develop sight word recognition skills that quickly builds into sentence reading.

Inferential and factual reading comprehension are also developed and communication skills are enhanced.

Combining successful language building techniques along with catchy, original songs, Ultimate Learning Sound Readers helps improve:

  • Sight word reading skills
  • Factual comprehension
  • Inferential comprehension
  • Language and communication
  • Concept generalization
  • Auditory processing
  • Visual processing
  • Social concepts

Featuring Original Songs from Cathy Bollinger!
For those of you unfamiliar with her work, Cathy Bollinger is an
award winning music therapist — along with being a mother of three. This acclaimed singer/songwriter contributed three original songs to make the Sound Reading experience even more special.

Bollinger's other works include the lullaby collections "From a Mother's Heart" and "More From a Mother's Heart". Click here for more information on Cathy Bollinger.

The Theory Behind the Software
Research supports the use of music as a mnemonic device for the learning and recall of new information. Music also plays a role in focusing attention and providing a motivating environment for learning. In addition, educational research confirms that we learn and retain information better when we find it interesting and meaningful.

Sound Readers uses repetition of the words and lyrics, along with speed changes in the music to facilitate word recognition and concept comprehension. Music processing uses different part of the brain and is more likely to engage children in the learning process. With repeat usage, learning to read can be achieved via repetition and the traditional ABA techniques provided in the Sound Readers software.

Who Should Use Sound Readers...and Where?
Sound Readers was created as a fun tool for all children ages 3 through 10 to help improve their word recognition and sentence building skills. The software has shown incredible benefits for special needs children and post-stroke adults as well.

Sound Readers is perfect for use at:

  • Individual homes
  • Pre-schools
  • Schools
  • Special needs classes
  • Government agencies involved in education and learning disabilities
  • Early intervention programs
  • Learning centers
  • Therapy programs for all ages

Using Sound Readers
It is recommended that parents or teachers play the songs at least 5 times in car or home stereo before child uses it on PC. This will allow the user to become familiar with the music's beat and lyrics before starting the reading program.

The program itself was created in four parts: Sing, Play, Read, Learning Center. A list of songs or stories is presented and user can select desired song. Read the users manual for more information on how to use Sound Readers.

Click here for the Sound Readers installation and users guide

System Requirements
For Windows based Desktops:
Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME or XP, Pentium Processor, VGA monitor 800 x 600 resolution, 32-bit color display, 520 MB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, sound card, MS DirectX 8 or higher

Ultimate Learning Software Suite
Improve your children's ability with Ultimate Learning. This dynamic computer software series provides informational reading tasks that develop problem solving language, thus enabling a deeper understanding of the way things work and world around us.

Created by DigiSoft, the innovative developers behind the award-winning PictPocket Cinema software, Ultimate Learning comprises five unique products and aspects of learning: Fun With Feelings, Math Master, Problem Solvers, Songs to Get Along, and Sound Readers.

Each Ultimate Learning title is available for purchase separately for $49.95 each, or as part of the comprehensive Ultimate Learning Software Suite which contains all five titles on one CD-ROM for the special low price of $99.95 (over $150 off the regular price!).

Find out more about the complete Ultimate Learning Suite

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Find out more about Ultimate Learning Songs to Get Along

Find out more about Ultimate Learning Sound Readers

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FREE 14-Day Trial
The free trial download is the complete version of our software, but will stop working after 14 days.
You may purchase a key code to permanently unlock your software any time within that 14 day period.

Download Sound Readers Trial Version Now

(desktop version, 67.4 MB, updated 7/06/05)

FREE Demo Version
Try before you buy! Download and use a limited version of Sound Readers for free
. It does not contain all of the levels or features, but you will be able to quickly determine if this software is right for you and your kids.

Click here to Download the free Demo of Sound Readers for Windows

(desktop version, 11.9 MB, updated 7/30/04)

Purchase Sound Readers

Sound Readers is available for $49.95 for Windows (plus $9.95 for shipping & handling if you want your software on CD-ROM).

All five software titles are available for the special price of only $99.95 (plus $9.95 S&H) on the Ultimate Learning Software Suite.

Purchase Sound Readers

(desktop version, 67.4 MB, updated 7/06/05)

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