DigiSoft is always looking towards the road ahead...

Innovation comes only with vision.

Even with new products just being released, DigiSoft is already looking to the future, planning and developing the next generation of exciting, new tools for the digital age.

DigiSoft welcomes your feedback on all phases of our company — from products and the web site, to packaging and customer service.

Although we can't promise to include all of your suggestions in future software updates, DigiSoft pledges to carefully consider each idea. After all, who knows what people want from their software better than you, its users?

As we continue to strive for excellence in the future, we will count on your opinions to help us achieve that goal.


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About the Company
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past, present and future of Ultimate Learning and DigiSoft Software Solutions.

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Press Releases

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2004 7/06:
The Ultimate Learning Break Through

2004 7/05:
Ultiamte Learning Fun With Feelings

2004 7/04:
Ultimate Learning Problem Solvers

2004 1/27:
Ultimate Learning Suite

2002 6/6:
PictPocket Cinema Update

2001 9/10:
DigiSoft Partners With URThere

2001 9/04:
PictPocket Nominated for Software of the Year

2001 6/08:
PictPocket for Palm Released

2001 5/22:
QuickChange File Conversion Software

2001 5/02:
PictPocket Software Meets With Approval

2001 4/10:
DigiSoft Forms Alliance With WISP

2001 3/16:
DigiSoft Forms Alliance With Mail.com

2001 3/15:
reViewMD - Medical Imaging on Your Handheld

2001 3/01:
DigiSoft - Desktop and Handheld Applications

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